Sustainable Mobility: Ethanol Talks

The transport sector is responsible for almost 1/4 of the emissions of polluting gases that intensify the greenhouse effect. In this scenario, ethanol shows how we are going to complement the different routes, taking into account the context of each region. With increasingly sustainable production and reducing emissions, ethanol is a protagonist in the construction of the new era of sustainable mobility.

As no country is the same, and every experience has to be adapted, transformed, and modified to fit every reality, a rich, deep, substantive dialogue between experts, policy makers, regulators and industry representatives is the best way for countries to learn from each other’s successes and mistakes, and come across the best ways to scale up sustainable mobility.

The Sustainable Mobility: Ethanol Talks envisages encouraging further substantive dialogue between policy makers, regulators, industry representatives and technical experts in the ethanol sector in order to institutionalize a continuous exchange on the subject, identify complementarities, fill knowledge gaps and charter a future course together for the ethanol markets around the world.

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